Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Last Tuesday appointment

I had my last Tuesday appointment at the hospital this morning (that is, if I am induced next week!)

All is well. James is still measuring ahead by a week, at 8 lbs 5 ozs. He was sound asleep for the ultrasound so they asked me to get up, move around, walk, or use the restroom to get him awake. I was concerned because it was the first time he really had been uncooperative for that part of the hospital visit. He did wake up quickly and was then cooperative. He received perfect scores (as always) from the ultrasound tech, Gina. (Note to self: I really have to remember to send Gina a thank you card or gift, she was great all of these weeks!)

The next part was uneventful. James cooperated by kicking and moving around, fully cooperating before they were done with the paperwork. I was out of the hospital by 9:15.

I am NOT having contractions. The monitors would have detected that.

I will have to wait until Thursday to see if I am progressing in any other ways! Just think- James will be here by this time next week!

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