Saturday, October 14, 2006

36 week doctor appointment

My Thursday appointment was postponed because Dr. Alexander had to leave for a delivery. I had my appointment on Friday instead. I didn't mind the postponement, thinking it could be me delivering next month!

First, I was weighed. According to their scale I lost 6 pounds since my last appointment. Ummm, no. I haven't gained or lost any weight. I think their scale is seriously screwed up because last week they told me I gained 7 pounds. I weigh myself at home and I'm pretty consistent day to day.

Then, they tell me they're going to test me for the Strep B test. I had to remind them that they already did that last week. They didn't believe me until they found some missing papers and my test results. (Negative- yay!)

Next, my doctor takes her sweet time getting to the appointment. I sat waiting, half-naked, for 25 minutes. Finally she comes in, flustered, and asking "The results of your MRI/CAT scan aren't here. From your hospital results you need them." I was so confused! I knew my hospital visits were going great and I had no idea what MRI tests she was talking about. I thought something was wrong. I told her that I hadn't heard about needing them... ? She looked at my charts more closely and realized that someone else's records were in my file, but with my name on them. THANK GOD. But poor pregnant girl who needs to get those tests, whoever she is. The doctor was glad she didn't divulge too much information and "scare me". Ha!

So then she does the regular examination and I'm great. Just a "fingertip dilated" which is normal. She then tells me that after the ultrasound we can figure out if she needs to induce me next week. WHAT?! I had to remind her that I'm only 36 weeks and she said that would happen at 39 weeks. Oh, her mistake. She thought I was further along.

I've always thought the doctor was a little scatterbrained, but maybe she was sleep deprived yesterday too? She just seriously didn't seem on the ball. I hope everything goes okay with her in the future. She's very nice. But I'm glad I know my weight, what tests I've taken, how far along I am, and what procedures come when!

I'm not blogging about this to worry anyone. I'm sticking with this doctor but it was an eventful appointment and something to write about! All is well and that's what counts, right?

Weekend plans: Not too much! We're celebrating Laura and Kathy's birthdays tomorrow morning with Sunday brunch. Happy Birthday to them!

Next week: M-O-M is coming to visit! Jim said this morning, "Wouldn't your Mom be thrilled if the baby came next weekend when she's here?" Oh yeah! I'd be full term but we can wait a couple of weeks :)

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