Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sunday update

We made a Babies R Us stop yesterday to pick up the Diaper Champ. We are ready for dirty diapers! Okay, so we need to buy some diapers first but then we are officially ready :)

We also bought what could be James' coming home outfit (cute blue fuzzy overalls with football theme) and we also bought a Thanksgiving outfit. I'm excited about both outfits.

Another thing we purchased were Homer Hankys. Yes, James has one now. There was a line outside the Twins Pro Shop in Roseville, but Jim really wanted some hankies. I hope James likes baseball!

Just today we put together the swing and hung up the curtains and quilt. The room is done! I'd take pictures but I have quite the mess on the floor. I'm starting to wash clothes and bedding so I have everything in piles. Maybe by the end of today I will have the piles washed, put away, and the room will be ready for pictures. Check back soon!

Later: I did wash SIX loads of James' laundry- blankets, towels, clothes (0-3 months only), crib sheets, mattress pads, basically anything that comes into contact with James. I didn't get any pictures taken of the now cleaned up nursery. Frankly, I'm tired!

Also, Jim installed the car seat. We have a car seat inspection on Tuesday night. Its a big deal I guess!

Later this week: Our 2nd anniversary is tomorrow- Monday October 2nd! We're going out to dinner at Bella in Blaine. Yay!

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