Thursday, October 26, 2006

38 week appointment

I think my pregnancy hormones have kicked in because my doctor made me cry today- twice! She didn't have bad news or anything for me, she just made me wait for almost an hour for my appointment, I was hungry and a little sick to my stomach, and then she was rushed and kind of short with me. I guess I just wasn't in a good mood today. I had a short list of questions for her that I didn't get answered because she was in and out of the room in about 4 minutes.

Everything is fine with me and with James. Good heartbeat, good measurements, etc. I am only slightly dilated though. She did say that she would like to induce me at 39 weeks!! This is where the confusion started. 39 weeks is next week but she wouldn't tell me which day. She said to keep my normal appointment for next Thursday. So I have no clue when this induction would actually take place. I guess I barely turn 39 weeks next Thursday, so maybe she's thinking early the next week? November 6th? Of course, its all up to what my body naturally does on its own. If I go into labor before then, there's no induction confusion.

Poor Jim. I called him immediately after that appointment and started to cry on the phone. He wanted to call the clinic so I could talk to someone else. I just figure that I can talk to the nurses on Tuesday, who are the nicest and who will have more time. I should have used those pregnancy hormones today and got all high maintenance, demanding answers but frankly, I didn't have the energy. I feel much better now after I ate lunch but I'm still emotionally exhausted. I may go home to relax. I'm not very productive at work today anyway.

Well, sorry if this is a weird update. The news that wanted to share the most is that an end is in sight! I may be induced very soon! We are ready!

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