Friday, September 29, 2006

34 week appointment

I saw my doctor today and she wasn't concerned about the weight estimates for James. She said that the estimates are just that- rough estimates and they could go 1 pound in either direction. At 38 weeks I'll have a detailed, more precise test done to estimate his birth weight. At that point Dr. Alexander decides if I will be induced, if she should schedule a C-section, or if I should be allowed to go to term. At this point, she said 39 weeks is a safe bet.

The appointment was brief. Heartbeat check, belly measurement- everything was normal. At first she said I had a SEVEN pound weight gain from two weeks ago. I had weighed myself from home that morning and knew this wasn't possible. I hadn't gained any weight, I thought. So I was re-weighed and the correct weight was written down- a 3 pound gain. The doctor said it could be water weight or from my lunch :)

James is doing well! He was a busy little baby earlier- I felt some definite kicks and bumps earlier this evening.

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