Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Dietician appointment

Happy 2nd day of school to me! I've had an easy time, I don't do much at the beginning of school year because everyone is getting used to being back in classes, etc. I just hang out and help when I can.

I had a Dietician appointment yesterday to give me some guidance with my new and improved diet. I've been keeping a food journal for the past week and a half and she looked that over. She said I'm doing very well! The only adjustment she made was to my breakfasts because I was consuming too many carbs (even though my blood tests weren't high).

She also said that if I ever did test high after a meal, that a simple walk around the block (or two) would bring my levels down to normal. I would test again after the walk to make sure. (Note to self: this doesn't mean I can have ice cream and then take a walk.)

Other news: Jim and I went to our 2nd Childbirth class last night. We watched a video of 3 women's birth experiences! It wasn't shocking to me but the stories weren't as sugar-coated as the ones you'd see on the Discovery channel. I think Jim, though, was a little uncomfortable. Poor Jim. ... I am wondering about this class. I didn't feel I learned much and am thinking whether we should continue or not. I'm going to read ahead in the book and look at our upcoming schedule to see if its worth it. I feel like a bad Mom for not wanting to go to class!

Oh, at the class last night we also had the hospital tour. We saw the birthing rooms, the family waiting room, the kitchens, etc. It seemed pretty nice. It was a lot more modern than the rest of the hospital. TG!

So now I wait for the next doctor's appointment: Sept 14th, 32 weeks! I think I find out when I have my next ultrasound and biophysical profile testing.

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