Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Weekly ultrasound and nonstress test

I had another appointment at the hospital this morning where James received perfect scores again! He is doing well with his breathing movements, amniotic fluid, measurements, movements, and all that good stuff! He is still measuring ahead by three weeks at a healthy, large 5 pounds and 11 ozs!!!! I asked if this would change my due date, and the ultrasound tech said that the doctor would determine that but it could possibly change it. Three weeks ahead means October 22nd! I doubt if he will be that early, but I intend on asking Dr. Alexander at Friday's appointment what the overall plan is. I don't know if she's the kind of doctor that will want to induce me early, will want to schedule a C-section, etc. I'm interested to see what she thinks.

My friend Ann (teacher at CRMS) told me that she knows of larger babies being able to sleep more soundly in general. The extra weight means that the baby can hold more food in his stomach and sleep for more hours at a time. There's a way to think positive! James will be a good sleeper :)

So the ultrasound was pleasant this morning. The tech lady is sooo nice! She was able to print off two pictures- fuzzy and a little scaring looking, but its our baby! She wasn't able to capture this, but James was moving his hands around his head a lot and sticking his tongue in and out. We watched for a few minutes as he did the tongue thing. It was too cute!

The nonstress test was the heart and contractions monitoring. James' heartbeat was a strong 140-150 beats per minute and I was able to leave a little earlier than last time because he cooperated. He moved around a bit more and they were able to get the results they needed. I guess they look for the heartbeat to accelerate slightly as he has movements. This is normal and healthy.

We're going to try and scan the ultrasound pictures tonight so check back! They will no doubt be very fuzzy, especially over the computer but I'm happy to have seen him today.

Later this week: Friday biweekly Dr. appointment at 4:10
Weekend plans: Finish baby shopping and organizing.

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