Sunday, September 24, 2006

Grandma Laura's Baby Shower

Grandma Laura threw Baby James a wonderful baby shower! The women of the family came through with wonderful, thoughtful gifts. James is so lucky! He received blankets, toys, clothing, crib sheets, a sleepsack, etc! And did you see the picture of the Vikings Diaper cake?! Auntie Kathy must have worked so hard on that thing! She's so creative- I didn't know this! Jim got a really big kick out of the Vikings accessories :)

It had been a rainy weekend until Sunday- the sun came out for Baby James! It was a beautiful day for the guests to see Laura's duck/geese/egret pond. Her house is looking great- new furniture and fireplaces! And she has a North Woods themed bathroom- complete with hooting owl! It was so funny because the shower guests kept thinking it was a crying baby but it was the owl :)

Oh yes, the food! How could I forget the fresh Honeycrisp apples and caramel from the apple orchard? And all sorts of goodies for snacking and lunch.

Sorry if this is random, I'm just remembering all the little details of the day. Last thing I'm going to add is that Baby Marshall (Jim's 3rd cousin?) made an appearance at the shower. Marshall is nearly three months and a great baby. Its so cute how babies can entertain themselves by just playing with their own feet! He came to the shower in his own Vikings outfit. Jim was happy to see this. Jim also mentioned that it was nice to observe a real live baby and how good he was. We're hopeful that James will have the same easygoing personality!

Its been a long day and I'm going to close this. Thanks to Grandma Laura and Aunt Kathy for a great shower and a wonderful day!

From Jim & Lisa, for Baby James!

Shower pictures to come later! Check back soon.
Weekly hospital appointment update after Tuesday too.

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