Tuesday, December 18, 2012

State of the Blankie


We had several places to go on Sunday and somewhere, sometime Blankie vanished.  We have backtracked and called the different places but nothing.

R.I.P. Blankie!

James has two ideas, however:  1.  put up Lost posters "all over Minnesota" 2.  Write a letter to Santa to tell him to have Rudolph look for Blankie, you know, "since he has a shiny nose"

It's been two nights now without Blankie. James is doing fine.  He hasn't given up hope though.

We are NOT replacing Blankie, so please do not try and replace him.  James is six years old and I'm just the tiniest bit okay with the loss of Blankie.  It has been a constant struggle to keep track of Blankie.  I'm also concerned that Blankie was a hygiene issue!

So, again, R.I.P Blankie.  You served us well.

Original post from October 9th, 2012----

I remember introducing Blankie to James. We were struggling with sleeping through the night and I had read advice about adding a "lovey" to your child's routine. Blankie was given to James by my friend Christa, I remember that. It was a part of a newborn set of an outfit, hat, and booties.

Blankie looks so pristine and bright here in the summer of 2007. (My note: wow! Blankie had stripes?! and color?! And Pooh!)

Summer of 2008. Blankie is still loved and carried everywhere. (My note: Even here I wish Blankie had been accidentally on purpose "lost"!)

2009. James went through a chewing stage. Well past teething, but it was a comforting thing for him to suck on Blankie. Blankie is taking on the brown/gray color that is now familiar to us. (My note: OMG. SO freaking gross.)

Summer of 2010. Blankie is still pretty whole. (My note: I'm still in disbelief that Blankie has lasted this long.)

Summer of 2011. Blankie becomes gross. He has lost his satin edge and is a brown rag. We find Blankie gross and James loves to drape Blankie on resisting people. Here he tortures Grandma Rose with a kiss. (My note: We were washing Blankie every few days at this point. Especially after I learned that Blankie spent some time in the daycare trash. An unknowing staff member threw away Blankie, thinking It a piece of trash. Another in-the-know staff member rescued Blankie. Darn. Her.)

October 2012. The State of Blankie is that he has done fallen apart. He is a rag. A brown rag. Little pieces fall off every so often and James saves them for Grandma Rose. She is a trooper. She has a little box at her house that she keeps pieces of Blankie in. (My note: Better her than me.) In this picture Blankie has ripped in half. He is hanging by a thread. Since this picture I have knotted the two separate halves together. He is a bundle of Blankie now. Blankie is not allowed at Kindergarten. (My note Part 2: I don't want anyone to tease James about Blankie!)

Blankie DOES NOT DIE. I miss Pooh.

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