Friday, December 28, 2012

Visiting Santa

We crashed the New Horizon holiday party! No, really, I asked beforehand. They said we are still part of the family and are very welcome, anytime!

This was James' big chance to remind Santa of the list he sent through Sneaky. Just in case James wanted to show Santa the picture of the list (that Mom thoughtfully took a picture of!)

I love Santa's reaction to this high tech list.

I fooled around with the picture...


And with my favorite photography app, Instagram.


Posed pictures are fun. I really need to ask people to pose more often.


This picture was taken right as I was confirming with Santa that he does NOT give money. If you remember James had $100 on his Christmas list. Santa said NO. No money.


The New Horizon party always has a craft area and food area. James chowed down on some fruit and blueberry muffins, and then made a gingerbread ornament. The ornament is now on our tree!


Santa is always awesome. I'm so glad that we get this up close and personal visit with Santa.


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