Monday, December 31, 2012

Hullett/Kolden/Tauer Christmas 2012

Ready for Christmas! Excited? Check. Goggles? Check.


My sister Ana always sets up the family pictures, right away before anyone gets too excited about presents or goodies. I appreciate this. I make it into some pictures. Yay!

James negotiates with Grandma about present opening...



My Mom always hangs the stockings by the chimney with care!

The present scene.

Ana was so creative with wrapping a bunch of little goodies in wrapping paper shaped like a stocking!

This will hold me for a couple of days...

James got his own refreshments :)

Jim/Dad looks happy!

James helped hand out the presents, using his reading skills but also using this handy chart by Tia ChaCha.

James received so many presents. Too many presents. Thank you all!

Celebration! I hope it doesn't get to a Police Navidad state...

Crab and Pico de gallo Tostadas for a snack... Mmmm....

On to the tamale making! The ladies set to work on making masa and assembling the tamales. We each came with a prepared filling- good teamwork!

Ana also provided the margaritas, as seen in this picture. Pomegrante and then Cucumber margaritas! Delicioso!


Masa hands.




I probably had the easiest filling.. I brought sweet corn to add to the masa, roasted some poblano peppers, and cut the cheese. (OMG I said it again!)

The boys were downstairs, teaching James naughty things like pool hustling, poker, and swearing. (You think I'm kidding, but I'm not!)

Cookie plate, made from melted peppermints!


I didn't get any pictures at our Christmas dinner which is shame because my Mom always sets the table beautifully. Here are my tamale leftovers the next day. Nom nom.

And pan dulce for breakfast. Thanks LarrBear!


We had a wonderful Christmas with all of our families! We are so lucky to have you all and be so loved! Thank you :)


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