Monday, December 31, 2012

Tauer Christmas

On Christmas Eve we went to both Tauer grandparents' houses. In the morning we headed over to Grandpa Roger and Linda's house for brunch. Uncle Joe joined us.

James spied the presents and couldn't resist a shake or two. Uh... and apparently a pick.

It was pure torture making him wait until after we ate... But he was in good spirits.
James received many more fun games and presents. He must have been a good boy all year!



In the afternoon we headed over to Grandma Laura's for presents and dinner.

The cookie tray I took over-


Charlie Brown Christmas decor.

And presents! So many presents!
And one more surprise present. Again, love the reactions!

An Angry Birds remote controlled balloon!? What will they think of next?!

Thank you to Grandma Laura for hosting :)


And then a big thank you to Grandma Laura and Uncle Joe for saving Christmas. As we left Grandma's, it was windy and cold. One of the Angry Bird's wings must have blown off as we loaded up the car. We noticed the wing was missing when we got home. We looked everywhere. Nothing. I had the idea to call Laura to see if maybe it had blown off in the driveway. Sure enough, Uncle Joe found it quite a ways from the house, near Laura's pond. Such a big relief that the Angry Bird can fly again!


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