Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spanish Immersion Open House

James' school open house was last week. We didn't know what to expect. The class lists were hanging near the entrance and we were shocked to see 37 kids in his class! His teacher's name is Señora Kennedy.

There are 37 kids because all of the kindergarteners were separated into only two classrooms instead of three. There is a native-speaker teacher coming October 1st, after her green card is accepted. After October 1st the students will be separated into three classrooms. I'm hoping to keep Señora Kennedy!

Silly mood.

Checking out his new classroom.

We didn't spend much time in the classroom, or talking to the teacher. I suppose all 37 kids and their families were wandering in and it just seemed very crowded and chaotic. We knew there would be another opportunity to ask questions and see more of the classroom/school.

We peeked into the computer lab.

James found a comfy seat in the Library/Media Center.

And then the boys stopped at the playground while I retrieved the car and pulled up to pick them up. I watched Jim help James to the top of this climbing structure. I wondered... what's his plan for getting James down?! (I knew James wouldn't slide down the pole. He's not that confident yet.)

After a panicked moment Jim helped James climb down slowly. I took pictures :)

James (and Jim) learned that James should NOT climb up that structure until he knows how to get down by himself! hahaha

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