Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School Lunches

James hasn't wanted to try the school lunches yet. Honestly, I'm okay with that.

Last Friday's lunch: Ham rolls, white cheddar slices, Ritz crackers, mini Chocolate donut in Black Lego box, strawberries, and juice pouch. Snack- pretzels.

Monday's lunch: Ham rolls, grated white cheddar cheese (James says he prefers the "strings"), mini cookies, Cheetos, yogurt stick, and juice pouch. Snack (not pictured)- rainbow Goldfish crackers.

Today's lunch: Peanut butter heart sandwich, yogurt stick, apple slices, apple cider, and surprise Starburst in heart box. Snack (not pictured)- pretzels.

I freeze the yogurt sticks and juice pouches. We put re-usable ice cubes on top of the cheese, meats, and whatever else needs it. (Have I already mentioned all this?)

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