Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mom's Gonna Cry

On Friday I went to New Horizon to pick up James for the last time. I was a bit early because I was done with work early. I just figured it was a bonus to spend more time with James :)

I walked in on snack time. James was the middle of handing out his selected treat (dum dum suckers) to the class for his last day. The class was waiting patiently.


The Boy of Honor :)

And then his buddy Russell came up to hug him. He said something like I'm going to miss James!

And then another student came up.

And then they bear hugged him. I started to tear up a little.. just thinking that I was going to miss that place, and it did hit me that James is a big boy now!

And we brought home this clay fish. His name is Roofus, said James.

It was a good day. My son is VERY loved! I even received a text message from his former (favorite) teacher Ms. Kathy. She wished James luck on his first day! They love him.

I'm sooooooooooooooo gonna cry on the first day of kindergarten!

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