Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten, Part 2

Both Jim and I picked up James from his after-school daycare program. He ran to us excitedly and told us he had a great day! Yay!



Not a scratch on him :)

We went out to dinner to celebrate his first day of Kindergarten. James confessed that he did cry once. He said he thought he lost his teacher and so he cried just for a little bit. We were confused by what this meant, and was he really lost? Well, we did the best that we could about telling him to ask for help next time.

And then we went out for an ice cream cone. Quite the celebration!

James called his Grandma Rose from the car. He excitedly told her about his entire day.

And he also called Grandma Laura. It's so nice to see him hold real conversations with his Grandmas, and to hear again that he had a great day!

He told us that he made two friends today. He doesn't know their names. He was playing with one of the friends at the after-school daycare so maybe I'll ask the boy tomorrow about his name. It was cute because the boy told James, "Goodbye Friend!"

Each day James will carry home a folder with handouts, homework, or artwork from the day. These are today's handouts.

"I survived the First Day of Kindergarten!"

"My first day of Kindergarten..." James said this is a picture of himself holding an envelope. !


The weekly newsletter from Señora Kennedy.

Westood newsletter.


And finally tomorrow's lunch. My sister Kristina gave me tons of little lunch tools from her time in Japan. I made tiny peanut butter sandwiches, cut out cheese shapes with space-themed cutters, and put fruit on toothpicks. Tomorrow's surprise in the black Lego box- a gummy worm! Tomorrow morning we'll put ice packs on the food to keep it cool. I freeze his juice pouch (not pictured) and that helps keep everything cold too.

The goldfish crackers are for his morning snack. That gets packed separately in his backpack pocket.

It is fun (so far) to be all cutesy with these lunches!

We are so grateful that James had a good day! He didn't say too much about his day, except that he had THREE recesses :) We know there is a morning recess for 15 minutes and then an after lunch recess for another 15 minutes. I would guess the third recess is the after-school daycare time. Whatever, he loves recess. Typical kid who says that recess is the best part of the day!!!

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