Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!

Sneaky made a surprise visit. James didn't even notice him right away!

First, he had to show Dad that he DID grow up to be a big boy today!

He was showing his Dad that his legs look longer :)

I guess we have held the First Day of Kindergarten to be a very important day. A day that he is truly, truly a big boy and can do so much!

Finally, he spied Sneaky!


"Five dollars because I'm five!"

James chose his lunch for today. Peanut butter heart sandwich, strawberries, juice pouch, and a surprise in the black Lego box (five gummy bears).

The Sneaky surprise hit a couple of birds with one stone. Or however that saying goes!

  1. It brought us some excitement and James was thrilled!
  2. It asked James to take some great pictures. (Sometimes he doesn't like to pose.)
  3. And it asked James to leave Blankie behind. (He had already agreed to this but it was nice for him to hear it from Sneaky!)
Sneaky will take great care of Blankie today!

New Lego Ninjago backpack. Super cool! And notice his tag. His name, his address, and his bus number. It's supposed to stay on his backpack all year.




It was sprinkling when we went outside to the bus stop. NO problem!

James met several kids who are also going to the Spanish Immersion program. Three kids in SI, and then one 5th grader at the Intermediate program. Same building.

Look, there's the bus!

And then everything happened so fast! I snapped pictures and we waved goodbye. There was no time to cry!

A quick wave goodbye and he really didn't look back :)

Looking both ways before he crosses the street!

Our across-the-street-neighbor kids agreed to take care of James. I am so grateful. They said they would make sure he found the Kindergarten area. They were so sweet.

They held his hands going to the bus. Awwww!

Bye James!

I'm so excited to hear all about his day. I'm sure he'll have a great first day!

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