Friday, September 21, 2012

Correra Loca (Fun Run)


Jim and I went to our KINDERGARTENER's first school event. It was a fundraiser, as I'm sure you all know, since we hit most of you up for some dinero :)

James was able to raise $50 all on his own! The goal was $25 per student, so he was a Rock Star! He actually did great putting the donated money in the big envelope. There was no temptation to keep the money. I was very proud of him.

So it was a cold, rainy day. BOO! We stood with the other parents and waited.

Finally, the kindergarteners marched out. We see James! I held my sign for James to see.

There he is! The kindergarteners were given the Pajama theme. James very proudly wore his new Angry Birds pjs. He also had Angry Birds underwear on (as he showed me in the morning, pulling down his pants) but I told him NOT to show everyone :)

The look below says, "Mom, really? More pictures?"

I love how this kid is ready to RACE!


The principal delivers a message and then they're OFF!

If you missed it, Mr. Larson said that they raised $5,800 for the school!

So the kids took off and most of the parents jogged over to the other side of the field, straight across the grass. Jim and I trotted over and took more video.


And then the finish line...

James was visibly exhausted, huffing and puffing. I think that's the longest he's ever ran!

Popcorn and water for all the kids.

And then I noticed James doing his potty dance. I grabbed his hand, told his teacher I was taking him to the bathroom, and we RAN some more to the building. It was a long way. I'm glad we made it!

On the way to the bathroom he asked me what the signs said. I told him and he told me that he has the best Mom and Dad in the world!

And when we got back we joined up with Jim (Dad) again and we congratulated James some more.

His friend George found us and brought James to his Mom to introduce him.

He said, "Mom, this is my friend James!" She told us that she has been hearing about James all week. Likewise! James has been talking about George and Pokemon (later blog entry).

Proud Dad!

Proud Mom!

Our Baby did great!

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