Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A much happier baby!

Jim is a daddy genius. Yesterday, he started to put James down for naps in his crib, forcing him to take a nap. He cries for a couple of minutes but will soon fall asleep. Jim did this twice yesterday (morning and afternoon) and James was a much better baby for it! He was happier than we've seen him for a while- minimal fuss!

So this will happen again today and we'll see if James is responding to the naps the same. Poor thing, he may have been fussy these last few days because he was tired! All of a sudden he stopped taking naps and we thought that it was a natural 3 1/2 month thing. Two naps makes much more sense, according to what I've read for (near) 4 month olds.

I wonder if he really is teething then?

And now we just really have to work on the cradle cap. His poor little head is so dry and scaly. Its much worse after a bath, if that makes any sense!

There's not much else to report. Life is good!

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