Sunday, February 11, 2007

End of the weekend

We had an exciting day yesterday with James' photo shoot at our house. A photographer, Jessica, came over and snapped over 200 pictures of James and then the three of us as a family. And can you believe we already received the website link so that we can view the pictures? They turned out pretty good- though Jim thinks that I could do the same kind of work if I had a professional camera :)

James had two wardrobe changes and his first naked picture. Okay, he had his diaper on, but its cute that in the pictures you can see his baby fat!

I'm pretty happy with the pictures overall. I've put some of the best pictures in Baby Album "3 month Professional Pictures". They aren't high resolution because I copied them from the photographer's website. They wouldn't develop quite right- maybe wallet sized at best.

Today's plans: Grandma Laura, Uncle Joe & Aunt Kathy were supposed to come over for dinner tonight but I just called to cancel. Jim woke up at 11am, ate breakfast, and then went back to bed. He's still sick :(

James is napping and I'm doing his laundry. I'm washing his next size up in clothing because I think he'll be fitting into them soon! His 3-6 month clothing fits just right so in a couple of weeks I'll probably move him up to 6-9 month.

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