Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Happy Three Month Birthday to James!

James is 3 months old today! He has grown up so much- especially, it seems, in the last week or so. (See past entries for his latest accomplishments.) He's doing so much more and is a lot of fun.

Well, except for yesterday during the day. Jim said it was the hardest day YET because James was crying, screaming, and extremely fussy all day. I got home a little later than usual and then James was fine. I don't think it was because he was separated from me, but he must have got all the fussiness out of system. He smiled, played, and slept a little in the evening. He did require constant attention so I wasn't able to do anything else last night. I was just glad to give Jim a break after a hard day.

I'm very excited because we have a professional photographer coming over on Saturday morning to take portraits of James! She seems to be pretty good but what I like the most is that she comes out to your location- it seems much more personal than a studio session. Jim and I might also sneak into a couple of pictures!

There are new pictures in Baby Album "Three Months old!"

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