Thursday, February 22, 2007

Late entry

Its late for an update but I know I won't have a chance to write tomorrow (Friday) because of a busy, busy work day. I will literally be running from the moment I get to school for an early meeting until the end of the day. I hope I can squeeze in a lunch!

I'm home alone with James because Jim went to his Thursday night pool league. I'm glad because he has been sick for a while and/or not going to pool for other reasons. I hope he's having fun!

James was a perfect baby tonight. I had lots of opportunities to play and "talk" to James. He was pretty happy and cried very little. I think the scheduled naps were a good idea on Jim's part. James seems much happier.

Another good thing is that I think I've conquered the cradle cap. Poor James had a very dry forehead and lots of icky yellow scales on his head and side of his face. I bought some hydrocortisone cream and it seems to have worked overnight. His skin is much smoother and clear.

We don't have any weekend plans. This is a good thing because there is supposed to be a big snowstorm starting Friday night. We'll see if it actually happens!

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