Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Still sick :(

Jim is still sick. He's still up in the bedroom. I've brought him both breakfast and lunch today in bed. Hope he's feeling better soon!

James and I had to make an emergency run to Sam's Club this morning, we were nearly out of formula. We now have enough for about 3 weeks. I thought about getting diapers too but the Size 1-2 diapers at Sam's Club say that they fit babies up to 15 pounds. If James is truly 16 pounds then we'll have to move up to Size 2 already!

He behaved perfectly at Sam's. He was content to look up at the ceiling and smile at me. He looked very cute in his Twins outfit, jean jacket, and blue knit hat. He looked angelic :)

James is now fussing. I thought I would have more time to update but maybe I'll come back later.

Big news: James went 10 hours between bottles last night! He really only slept for 8 hours but that's a huge amount :) He had only one feeding at 4:45am. This is good especially now when Jim isn't able to help out. I would feel terrible asking him to get out of bed to help.

So far James and I have avoiding getting sick too!

New video and pictures!

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