Sunday, February 4, 2007

Bye Grandma Rosie!

Grandma Rosie and Larry left this morning. I know my Mom was sad to say goodbye to James. They had a pleasant day together, while Jim and I had a "date". We didn't go to the Science museum as planned, or even go see a movie, instead we ran errands that were James related. We went to the toy store (browsing), looked at baby clothing, bought a room darkening shade for his bedroom, etc. It was still fun to be with Jim and know what James was safe with his Grandma Rosie.

Grandma Rosie said that James was perfect. He slept well, ate well, and they had a great time playing. He also got some tummy time and showed his Grandma that he has a loud, developing voice!

That was yesterday (Saturday). Tia Ana and Crazy Uncle Rich came over last night too. We had dinner and just hung out with each other and James too!

Some firsts from this last week:
I saw James sucking his thumb! He's been sucking on his hands but it was the first time I've seen him sucking his thumb to get himself to sleep. I'm glad about this because it will mean less time with the dreaded pacifier!

Another first- James showed interest in his dangling toys above his swing. He actually grabbed on to one of them, triggering the music. He's grasped onto our fingers before, but never really an object. He had it in his hand for almost 15-20 seconds.

New pictures in Baby Album "Week Thirteen"!

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