Thursday, February 8, 2007


First, last night was an unusual James night. We didn't stray from our normal schedule but James woke up an hour after being put down in his crib, so like at 10:15pm. Jim gave him a little bit of a bottle and he fell asleep, but only until 11pm. I tried to give him the rest of the bottle but he wouldn't take it. I finally was able to get him back to sleep by cradling him in my arms, swaying back and forth, and shushing him to sleep. Well, then he woke up at 2am for his bottle. This would have been normal if he had not woken up the two times before. His next bottle was at 6:30 as I was getting ready for work.

We wondered if he slept TOO MUCH during the day on Wednesday. Who knows?! I guess right when you think you're on a schedule with a baby, he proves you wrong! :)

He was an angel baby though last night. He was pretty happy!

Not much else to report! Daddy Jim had another interview this week, a phone interview too, and then has another interview tomorrow. He's keeping himself pretty busy between taking care of James and the job hunt.

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