Saturday, February 17, 2007

Our Scorpio Baby

... is demanding! (No offense to the other Scorpio, Tia Ana!)

James is crying in this picture because he wasn't satisfied with his penguin teether. It might be too big for his little mouth still.

James is demanding lately because he likes to be held or at least have our attention. The best example of this is at dinner time. He always seems to be awake despite our attempts to put him down for a nap. He'll cry until we either hold him (and eat one-handed) or we put his swing right beside our place at the table. And then we have to keep talking to him or smiling at him.

I do enjoy playing with James and holding him. If you put him down, watch out! I think I might need to do that and let him cry a little, he needs to get used to playing by himself.

Jim is making me breakfast as I write this! He was letting me sleep in but it only lasted until 8am, when James woke up. I got up to change his diaper and get him dressed for the day. Now he is sitting quietly in his swing, chewing on his hands.

We do have to find him some good "chew toys". He is chewing on his hands, my finger, his frog toy. He is also a drool monster! The front of his shirt was soaked yesterday at one point because he kept drooling, and drooling, and drooling.

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