Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little bit of everything

I'm behind on my blogging. Here's a bunch of pics that I've been taking but haven't been posting promptly. I've just been so busy with work and taking care of James while Jim is gone. Even the weekend was busy, with a visit from Grandpa Roger and then SuperBowl. There haven't been too many quiet moments lately.

So I caught James picking his nose again. Ooops.

I made cookies for the people at work to celebrate Guidance Counselor appreciation week. Vanilla bean cookies with raspberry cream. They were delicious.

James and his friends were playing at the daycare playground when I went to pick him up one afternoon. He was playing in the "castle" and peeping out at me through the holes.

James just told Jim, "Dada my best friend". It was so sweet!

He's really enjoyed this Dr. Seuss book lately called Put me in the Zoo. He's finding Jim's spots in this picture.

James has his mystery scratch on his face. Daycare didn't see what happened, and James doesn't know either. It's healing fine but its so weird to see James' beautiful face less than perfect.

Superbowl Sunday. Jim's friend Paul brought his six year old daughter Hannah. James wasn't at all shy about sharing his toys and playing with her. She did great with James. She even helped me put a suddenly cranky James to bed, participating in the bedtime books.

Playing with trains.

Hannah left a drawing on our refrigerator white board.

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