Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catching up AGAIN

Artwork from iPhone. James loves to play around on our phones, there are a few easy "apps" that he likes- art, a Goldilocks interactive story, the lightsaber noises, and then a matching game. We've limited his use of the apps not because we're worried about his use of technology but because we just don't want him to break our phones!

Jim said that after he "drew" this picture, James wondered why his fingertips weren't brown or blue :)

Daycare rainbow. This replaced the winter wonderland, Christmas tree display. The colors of the rainbow are kids' handprints, in corresponding room colors. James is in the Orange room so his handprint is orange.

James was reaching into his locker to find his gloves, hat, and boots. His t-shirt says, "The world revolves around me." Yup!

We left for breakfast early on Saturday. So early that Jim didn't shower and he was hiding his hair under his Twins cap. James wanted a cap too. We've got an early start on Twins season! (We're looking forward to going to the new stadium! Even me!)

Air hockey

Lightsaber play. James pretended flashlights were lightsabers. He makes swishing noises and swings it like a sword.

I turned off the light and the camera flash to see if the light would reflect better.

Things sometimes get a little rough and tumble before bedtime.

One last golf swing before bedtime!

Oven-fried chicken for dinner. (South Beach friendly)

Key Lime pie with coconut pecan graham crust. NOT diet friendly :)

It was a fast weekend. We didn't do much but get things done around the house and play. Lots of playing. Jim spent a little more time with James than me, because I was cooking and prepping for my Dad's visit. (Grandpa Frank is coming to town!!! We've been hyping it up with James :)

Play: "bathtime" in the blankets, lotsa Legos, golf, sorting and playing with Valentine's day cards, cars, coloring, Leapfrog video games, lightsaber play, air hockey, Dora computer game with Dada, books, dance party (James was introduced to "Walk this Way" on my ipod) and probably more play that I'm forgetting! Oh yes, and nonstop chatter!

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