Saturday, May 26, 2012

Play Date

James cleaned the living room to get ready for his friend Brady!

So anxious, waiting.

I made cookies for a snack.


And then when Brady got there? James wanted to play the Wii. Alone. I convinced him to play.

Exploring James room.


Oooooh! Lightsaber battle!




When Brady saw all of James' toys downstairs he exclaimed, "James, you are so special!" I guess he was impressed :)


James taught Brady how to duel with "wands".


And then he showed Brady his favorite thing to do, ever. Watch videos.


It was a good play date. James and Brady puzzled me. They seem to be pretty good friends but they never wanted to play the same thing, at the same time. They played alongside each other, and sometimes disagreed if they started to play together. I felt like I had to keep a close eye on them, and not do my own thing for too long.

I guess we'll get better at that play dates :)


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