Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Unfortunately, I had to work on Saturday. My Boys took Grandma Laura out to brunch and she helped shop for my Mother's Day gifts. Thank you, Laura! Y'all did great!

My hanging baskets are beautiful!



Later that day we headed to the Parque.




Relaxing after a full day of spoiling Grandma Laura and this Mom!

The next morning I woke up and read this Facebook status, from one of my students. He lost his Mom before I knew him, but I know every day is a reminder that he doesn't have her. Not to tell you more of his business but his Dad is also gone, he's in jail for taking the Mom away from them :(



It made me grateful to have a wonderful Mom and also that I'll be there for my little boy. I can't imagine my student's pain...

My Mom is wonderful. She's a wonderful Grandma too!

Thank you to my sister for taking this picture :) I actually didn't mind being in a picture for once!



Later on my Boys took me back to the nursery to look at the beautiful flowers.


We discovered a farm right next to the nursery. There were animals and all sorts of things on display. James liked this rooster sculpture.


Thank you everyone for a great weekend!!


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