Sunday, December 31, 2006

I want to be a cowboy!

Tia Ana gave James the cutest outfit and cowboy boots for Christmas. I just had to try them on him and have a mini photo shoot. To complete the look, we found the Wells Fargo pony that Grandma Rosie gave us. Too cute! (The boots are too big for him still but the outfit fits now. We'll have to find some other cowboy wear later :)

James and Daddy Jim had the greatest time last night. Jim was playing with James and making faces, sticking out his tongue, and talking to him. James started to mimic his Daddy! He repeatedly stuck out his tongue and we would laugh. He loved the attention and praise and so he kept doing it. It was truly the cutest thing I've ever seen- Daddy and son playing :) I almost cried!

TMI alert- James had another day without poop, and just a little bit of fussiness last night, so we brought out the thermometer again. It did the trick. I don't know what else to do if he's constipated. I have some research to do.

Our NYE plans: We are going to relax and enjoy our little family. We have steaks to grill, wine to drink, and a beautiful son to spend time with. We will be happy and content to stay at home! 2007 will be a great year with Baby James!

New: More pictures in Baby Album "Week Eight".

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Poor James

Poor Baby James! He has been fussy for the last day or so. He cried continuously for 3+ hours last night. He wasn't happy laying in my arms, on his back, in his bassinet, etc. The only way he would stop crying is to be held upright, against my chest. We've ruled out ear infections, colic, and a fever. I thought it might be gas so Jim went to buy a medication for infant gas relief. I can't tell if that's made it better or if the following did. I took James' rectal temp! I dreaded having to do this EVER but I knew I needed to see if he was sick. Turns out he isn't. But I did stimulate quite a bit of poop when I took his temperature! Maybe he was backed up? Poor James!!

So that was last night, early evening. He's slept fine since then and I can hear him stirring now. Daddy Jim woke up both times with James last night.

New pictures in Baby Album "Week Eight". Our James is a cutie! There are also pictures of James and his Tia Kristina. They said goodbye yesterday because Tia is going back to Iowa/Virginia. We'll miss you Kristina!

Also, a new video "Happy Baby". James was in a great mood this morning!

Friday, December 29, 2006


Picture: I caught James smiling- for real! I have a confession: the Christmas card picture that we've sent out was a fake. I don't think James was really smiling for the camera. I think I caught him as he was smiling in his sleep or he had gas! Yesterday James was smiling and cooing so I took pictures. It was hard to catch the smile because of the flash timing. There's a series of pictures in the Baby Album, Week Eight.

I'm tired. James was pretty fussy last night, in the early evening- crying a lot and not really content. Jim ended up feeding him an extra bottle because that seemed to be the problem. James has a bottomless pit for a stomach!

Oh, but I'm tired not because of the fussiness but because I woke up as normal for the 3am feeding and James just wouldn't sleep afterwards! I can't complain that he was fussy because he was actually really smiley and happy- he just wasn't tired. So I stayed up with him for a while, rocking him and all that but nothing worked. I finally came downstairs to the living room and put him in the swing. It worked for a bit and then I was able to nap for 20 minutes. Then the 6am feeding arrived. James is now in his bassinet, fighting sleep and crying out occasionally. Really, I can only hold him for so long and its not really recommended anyway.

I'm up for the day now though (7am) because James and I are going over to my sister Ana's house to say goodbye to my Mom and sister Kristina. They are headed back to Iowa.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time in James' room organizing his clothes and things. He has now outgrown some of his clothes! I'm putting them away in storage. I'm glad that he did wear everything at least a couple of times. He now has a fresh set of 3-6 month sized clothing to wear- and he has plenty! I don't think we need to buy new clothes for James for a long time. (Yes, Mom, I did put aside his newborn/first outfit for his chest :)

I'm sure you'll see fewer pictures starting next week. I go back to work and I think in the evening I'll be busy taking care of James and organizing for the next day. I actually thought of withholding pictures because I'm finding it diminishes the surprise when we give gifts of pictures, but my Mom would kill me if I didn't update this babysite with new pictures often. I don't know what happens to the pictures that I upload to this site- I know some family members save the pictures and make prints for themselves of the ones they like- so I don't want to take that away. But you can only have so many pictures in frames! We have plenty now :)

Well, James is now sleeping in his swing again. Jim is making me breakfast and I'll be drinking lots of coffee. Off I go!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


I missed a day yesterday! I have been (happily) busy with my family. My sister and Mom are still here visiting but they're at my other sister's house now. Jim and I have a funeral service to attend today :( Great Great Uncle Don passed away on Christmas day.

I have a feeling this entry will be short. James is crying out a bit in his sleep and I know he'll be waking up very soon.

Christmas was such a happy, fun time for all of us. James received a lot of generous gifts from his grandparents, aunts, and uncles. One of Jim's favorite gifts is his coffee mug with James' poker picture on it, my favorite gifts are James' first shoes (penguin Robeez & cowboy boots!) and TMX Elmo.

We had a Mexican Christmas (our new tradition for my family) and we had lots of good eats- carnitas, mole, rice & beans, tortillas, tamales... We also had a crazy good drink that Ana made- agua loca. Translation: crazy water!

James did so well with all of the family commotion. He slept peacefully despite the noise and hustle and bustle of many people. I think a couple of times we even wore him out because he slept for longer periods of time twice. One night he even made it to 4 1/2 hours between feedings! This doesn't seem like much, but to Jim & I it was a welcome break. My Mom and sisters were great about helping with James' feedings and diaper changes (well, Grandma Rosie was the only one who really tackled the diapers :)

Oh, crying baby! I have a lot to do this morning. I have to bathe James and get myself presentable for Jim's family. James and I aren't attending the services but we're going to the family gathering/luncheon.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Mexican Family Christmas

See new pictures in Baby Album!

James is very loved! We had a great day on Christmas- Santa was very generous :)

Lots to do today, so not much of an update. Sorry!

Monday, December 25, 2006

A Tauer Family Christmas

See pictures in Baby Album!

The Tauers were at our house for Christmas Eve. James was able to visit with his Grandpa Roger, Grandma Laura, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Kathy. He received many great gifts! (We all did!)

James was a little fussy last night. He also was hungry at our dinner time, so poor Jim had to feed James while the rest of us ate our turkey dinner. I guess its a Daddy duty!

Todays's plans: My family (Grandma Rosie, Grandpa Larry, Aunt Ana, Uncle Rich, Aunt Kristina) are coming over for our Mexican Christmas celebration! Look out- here comes the Agua Loca!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Its been a long (but productive) morning! We've had a change of plans for Christmas Eve and Jim's family gathering. We are now hosting Jim's family for Christmas Eve because Great Great Uncle Don is in the hospital. Please send happy thoughts (or prayers) his way!

We didn't want Grandma Laura to worry about hosting Christmas Eve so the change of plans was made. We picked up the makings for dinner and I premade a lot of the food so that we can spend time together. And of course Christmas cookies were made earlier in the week!

Last night: Jim and I had our "date night" (dinner & movie) while Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry babysat. I asked my Mom to take pictures of Larry & James because I knew we didn't have any yet but she failed to do this with MY camera. So I don't have any pictures to share today. Oh well! I did come home and James was wearing his "JLT Loves Grandma Rosie" shirt so I know my Mom changed him, posed him, and was camera happy. She is a very excited Grandma.

So, going out wasn't as stressful as I thought. I knew James was in good hands with his Grandma Rosie and so I didn't worry. I think I would worry if I wasn't confident in the babysitter. I would leave him with very few people.

It was very strange to be out and without James. I know *I* was thinking of him the whole time- wondering what he was doing and whether he missed me. I'm not sure if he missed me but I missed him- even if it was just five hours!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Family Fun

My Mom and sister Kristina spent a lovely day at our house and we went shopping. James behaved beautifully (we don't expect any less now!) and later that evening Tia Ana and Crazy Uncle Rich came over to visit. We ended up having a small Mexican feast of enchilada casserole. That Ana is a chef!

I know James enjoys the attentions of his aunts and Grandma. He was happy and made his happy noises- the coos, smiles, and babbles are just priceless :) We love our Sweet Baby James!

Today's plans: Grandma stayed over night so that she could help care for James while I finish baking Christmas cookies. I'm sure James will have a fun day playing with Grandma Rose! And later tonight Jim and I are going on a "date" as Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry babysit.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Tia is here!

My sister Kristina and my Mom are here! They arrived yesterday afternoon, very determined through the storm. Kristina and James have met at last and all is well!

We had a quiet evening at home, caring for James and watching TV. James was very loved and enjoyed the attention from both his Grandma and Tia. Its hard to admit that we probably don't hold James as much as he was held last night. We are usually pretty tired, and then happy if James is sleeping well and/or content on his own. We love him!

The lunch on Wednesday with my coworkers went well. It was James' first restaurant visit. He was sleeping peacefully for most of the time, except for when I brought him out of his carseat so others could hold him. My friend Athena especially loved holding him :) There are a couple of pictures in the Baby Album "Week Seven"- I wish I had taken more!

Today's plans: more family fun! I think we're taking James and ourselves to the mall to finish Christmas shopping.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Busy busy today.

Very quickly, for my coworkers, there are a couple of new pictures in Baby Album "Week Seven" from yesterday's lunch.

James is crying! Have a great holiday break!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Going out!

James is continuing to make his cute baby sounds. He's laying beside me and making happy noises. He's becoming an interesting little boy! He's not just sleeping anymore :)

James and I are going out to lunch today! My coworkers are meeting for a holiday lunch and we're joining them. It will be James' first restaurant visit! I hope he can make it. I'm fully prepared to leave early (and without eating) if he's too fussy. I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm going to make sure he's fed right before we leave and I think that should help. It should be an interesting group of people for James- my coworkers are characters!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting close!

Christmas is getting close! I think we're almost done with our Christmas shopping. But we have lots of gift wrapping to do!

Today's plans: I'm going to make cookies (the doughs, at least) and run some errands with James. I think that will take care of the last of our Christmas shopping!

Yesterday I had my doctor's appointment and was able to leave James with Jim, while Jim worked. The nurses and staff at the clinic were so upset that I didn't bring James- they wanted to see him! I didn't know it was customary to bring your baby... My appointment went well. I am healthy and back to normal. No signs of Gestational Diabetes. Well, they didn't test me but said it should be gone. I get tested in April (my annual exam) for GD again. I'll need to fast for 12 hours again and get my blood drawn like last time. Yuck.

We're noticing that James has discovered his voice. He's now yelling out a little (not really crying) and is babbling just a little. Mostly one syllable babbles. Its really cute! Its not too often but we'll hear him and smile :) Maybe soon I'll be lucky enough to catch it on video.

Well, I have another busy day ahead of me. I have a long to-do list!

Thanks for reading this!

New pictures in Baby Album "Week Seven". Jim put up our new curtains last night as he was watching Monday night football. James helped by being cooperative in his swing.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday is here!

Only a couple of days until my sister Kristina is here to visit!

James and I have big plans for today. I have to get going very soon to fit everything in. James needs a bath, I need a shower, I have a doctor's appointment (standard 6 wk after baby appointment), and we MIGHT be going out to lunch with my coworkers. I'm not sure if we can fit everything in since I slept in until 8am! I was really surprised James lasted that long in his crib (usually he's up for the day before then) and I took advantage of the opportunity.

There are a couple of new pictures in the Baby Album "Week Seven". This means James is six weeks old!! Jim and I have been commenting all weekend on how much James has grown. He seems HUGE all of a sudden. I've been thinking he's getting a little chubby but its also that he's getting long. His smaller clothes are almost too short for him now or will be very soon. He's already up to the Size 1 diapers now, outgrowing the Newborn size. He's a very healthy boy!!

Oh, in the pictures James is wearing a very colorful outfit :) I thought it was one of the cutest outfits yet. He's also wearing one of the knit hats from Tia Ana. It fits! It is one of the larger hats that she has made. We're so lucky to have an auntie who loves James so much :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Its almost 2pm!

...and I'm just updating this babysite now. I'm later than usual. I was up at the usual time of 6am but I've been finishing up some Christmas shopping online (I wonder for who?) and then cleaning our house. My family is coming later this week and I'd like the house to be halfway decent.

My Mom has promised not to look for dust bunnies or to bring her white glove for inspection, but I'm cleaning still. When I was a kid my Mom had us clean the house every week- on Tuesdays. We each were given a particular room and a checklist. I usually did the kitchen. Shhhh... don't tell my Mom... but I never followed the checklist. I did surface cleaning only :) I bring this up because we've been joking that James will be helping us with dishes, mowing the lawn, sweeping floors, etc. I guess I'd better get my checklists ready and laminated for him!

James news: he's wearing one of his cute, new outfits from the CRMS baby shower. (Thanks Sara Z.!) Of course, there are no new pictures because this babysite is "down for maintenance". Believe me, he is a cutie!

So James has been pretty cooperative. He's been napping the whole time I cleaned the kitchen. Thanks James for cooperating with Mommy!

Oh, I spoke too soon. He is now crying and awake. Adios.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

James loves to shop!

I took James on several errands yesterday (Walmart, Kohls, bank) and he was so good! He slept peacefully in his stroller. He didn't cry until we were almost home, as we were driving. I think this was only because it was time for his bottle.

I'm trying to think of what else to write! No news is good news, right?

This picture is from a couple of weeks ago but its one of my favorites. How can anyone sleep like that- with arms straight up in the air? Only our James :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

He smiled at me!

Special note: To our biggest fans, we apologize for any delays this upcoming weekend. Jim just informed me that the babysite will be "down for maintenance" over the weekend and I can still write journal entries but I won't be able to upload any new pictures! So no new pictures of James until Sunday night. I hope you can make it :)

James smiled at me this morning! I've been feeling bad because James has been smiling at Jim every once in a while but not at me. This morning I was sitting with him on my lap, in his nursery, and he smiled. It was beautiful :) Now if we could get him to smile for pictures that would be great then everyone else can see!

I think I actually had a good night's sleep. Jim and I traded off on the wake-ups last night and I think I got the better end of the stick- I had the 3am and 7:30am feedings. Maybe this will mean more energy and I can get some errands done!

James news: I snapped two pictures this morning of James on his play mat. He actually seemed to enjoy it this morning and seemed interested in the animal toys. We hope that this will keep him happy and amused in the future. Oh, and in the pictures you can see James wearing his first sweat pants! He looks like a mini relaxed version of Daddy! (Thanks Grandma Laura for the cute outfit!)

James is currently looking at himself in the mirror. This is his latest way of keeping himself amused.

Thanks for reading this!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Feeling the love at CRMS!

Yesterday I had a baby shower at CRMS and much love was felt! James and I had a great time with the wonderful ladies at the shower. A big thank you to Jessica, Sara and others who organized the event- we enjoyed seeing everyone, getting out of the house and James enjoyed the attention I'm sure! We received some wonderful books (who would have thunk it, from educators!?), clothing, toys, etc. James was already a well dressed little boy- wait til you see him in his new gear!

Thank you, CRMS ladies, for a good time! Thank you to those who came in to say hi to James and myself too!

8am: I think James slept okay overall but I was a bit sleepless last night. After his 2:30am feeding he was wide awake. No amount of rocking, pacifier love, or mommy love could get him to sleep. Finally something worked and he did sleep. 45 minutes later- his next feeding. And then he was up early at 6am. I guess he just couldn't wait to start his day :)

Today's plans: Well, I'm going to nap. But then James and I are going to visit some friends at the school's district office. They are anxious to meet James!

Update from Daddy:
I just wanted to thank all of Lisa's co-workers for giving James' shower yesterday. He was in a good mood when he got home, so I could tell he enjoyed himself. Since he can only drink formula now, I had to have his piece of cake for him, but it was REALLY good - thanks!! Also, thanks for all the wonderful gifts and cards - lots of fun stuff, we really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Happy Holidays,
James Sr.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday is here!

8 am: I had to think twice about what day it was. The days are kind of blending together :)

James was a great baby yesterday. Very few fussy moments.

I've noticed that James likes to look at his own reflection. This morning it was how I got him to settle down (Calmate!) after his bottle. He was squirmy with everything else- me holding him, sitting upright, laying flat, etc- until I put him in the bassinet with his mirror by his head. He even spit out the pacifier and then was fine. I think we need to invest in some more mirrors! I've read that at this age FACES are visually interesting. I guess he likes his own pretty face :)

Jim had a nightmare last night. One small detail of it was that a lady was force feeding James lollipops made of formula. WEIRD! The other parts were pretty unpleasant and Jim's story to tell.

Today's plans: We're visiting my school again today! The wonderful ladies at my school are having a small baby shower for James.

NEW: A few pictures in Baby Album "Week Six"

11am: OMG! Jim just weighed himself and then weighed himself with James in his arms to estimate James' weight. (Thanks Christa for this suggestion!) James could be weighing 11-12 pounds!! Jim weighed himself with James a couple of times to be sure. We're thinking this can't be right but even if its only off by a pound- James is a P.I.G.!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Poop Monster

Updated 12:30pm- Added pictures in Week Six album.

7am- We had an uneventful day yesterday. I caught up on some sleep by taking naps when James was napping. I guess that's how its supposed to be done!

My pain is gone! My body feels almost normal.

So James was a poop monster this morning. I told Jim that HIS son went through not just one diaper at one wake-up, not two, but THREE. I changed his diaper immediately when he woke up because I could smell him before I could see him. Yuck! Then he ate. Then I smelled poop so I changed him. He also tried to pee on me but I caught it with a cloth. Just as I was putting the clean diaper beneath him, an explosion of poop came out! I caught most of it with the clean diaper but some ended up on me. UGH! And then he tried to pee on me again! I didn't catch all of that so I had to change his clothing. So now he's all clean but I'm traumatized.

I guess there was a major happening yesterday. Jim says that James LAUGHED for the first time yesterday! He then also smiled at Jim five times. James loves his Daddy :)
(Ummm, I have yet to have James smile at me.)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Late Start

Sorry for my late start this morning- I usually add a journal entry before noon! I took a nap this morning with James after a long night. James was fine- he slept and ate like usual but *I* was sleepless due to more pain. I'm weaning and not pumping at all now- it hurts like hell.

James is especially beautiful this morning. His skin is clearing up (he's had baby acne and dry skin) and he looks beautiful in blue. He really needs a bath though! I do too- a relaxing bubble bath would be nice :)

I don't think anything else is new. Sometimes it feels like we're in that movie Groundhog's Day where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over and over and over... Haha.

The homepage picture is our beautiful boy this morning! He was calm and alert so I took his picture.

I added a new video yesterday, More Pacifier Love.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday morning

James makes this hilarious sound when he's desperately in love with his pacifier or frustrated, one of the two. We captured it on video this morning when Jim was playing with James on the floor. Its not as desperate as he usually sounds but he's making the definite "oy oy" sound we've come to love (and laugh at)!

We had a fairly peaceful night with James. He had his feedings at 8pm, 11:30pm, 3:30am, and then at 6am. He went a little longer between feedings than normal but I'm learning not to get used to it. He changes things up often to keep us on our toes, I think!

A new thing (Jim says) is James crying/yelling out in his sleep as if he is in pain or gassy. I think he's always done this but just not as loud as now. Its leading to a lot of false alarms, where we think he's waking up and we get out of bed to go to him, but then when we get to him he's fine and back to sleep! Again, he's trying to keep us on our toes!!

Tia Ana was here for a visit yesterday. She loves James :)

Plans for today: just the usual weekend stuff- Jim is going grocery shopping, and we'll both do stuff around the house.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Its the weekend!

I'm up a little earlier than I expected because James didn't take all of his bottle this morning and I expect he'll be up in the next few minutes, crying and wanting the rest of it. I also couldn't go back to sleep with the upcoming excitement of our first trip to the mall! We're leaving this morning to do some Christmas shopping.

Last night Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy came to visit. Joe gave James his bottle and watched my diaper demonstration. Next time he'll be able to do it :)

James has decided to go back to his 2 1/2 hour schedule. I knew I was speaking too soon when I was bragging about his maturity!

We have our Christmas plans set now. We're spending Christmas Eve with Jim's family, Christmas Day with mine. On Christmas Eve we're going over to Grandma Laura's (over the river and through the snow...!) I'm sure it will be a wonderful, memorable Christmas! James won't remember it but I'll be sure to document it with pictures and video (we have a new camcorder from Grandpa Frank & Grandma Julie). Yay!

Well, I'm going to take advantage of the quiet morning (James and Jim are sleeping) and do some things around the house.

Thanks for reading this!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Pacifier Love

Last night James loved his pacifier. He loved it so much he wouldn't sleep between feedings. I couldn't figure out the source of his frustration- I changed his diaper, carried him in the Bjorn, fed him, held him, everything. I did give him his pacifier too but he spit it out. Finally he took the pacifier and was happy. It was a very difficult four hours though! But as my Mom told me, I should be and am thankful for every breath he takes, every burp, every cry, and every smile. He is a wonderful, handsome baby.

This is a short video called Pacifier Love. Its from this morning though.

Not too much else happening. Mommy (me!) is taking a short break later today to get a haircut. I also have to buy more formula because we're not sure if James is loving the current one. He's been spitting up more than usual and has been irritable. James was probably just missing Daddy who was at Pool last night. Or missing Grandma Rose because she isn't here to visit (this was my Mom's suggestion for his unhappiness last night :)

Thanks for visiting our Babysite! Please sign our guestbook so we know you were here!

**Did you know you can click and save to your computer most of the pictures in the Baby Albums? If you can't figure out how, let me know.**

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Am I smiling now?

The picture on the homepage is from this morning. I think James is giving us real smiles now! Jim swears that his "first smile" was a couple of days ago- James was wide awake and looking up at Jim. I guess this makes sense since I always smile when I look at Jim too :)

Please see the guestbook entry from Daddy Jimmy. I was pleasantly suprised to see that Jim had written something and then I laughed when I read it. Jim did have an early morning today- waking up at 3am with James and then he was unable to get back to bed. Jim then took the 6am feeding and cared for James until I woke up at a lazy 8am. Super Dad!

With James' mature age of 1 month, we've had a change! He has put himself on a 3 hour schedule now. He has his bottle every 3 hours now, instead of the old 2 1/2 hour schedule. This means just a little bit more sleep for us at night :)

Oh, and a funny story that I forgot to share from my school visit. I was feeding James his bottle in the middle of a group of kids. One of my students, Tope (pronounced Toe-pay), tugged my arm and said, "Ms. Lisa, you must be distracted. You're feeding him with the bottle at the wrong angle. He'll get air bubbles." It was hilarious because it was a 12 year old telling me I was doing something wrong! But she was right. I looked down and saw that the bottle was horizontal and not at the right angle like she said. She told me that she works at her church's nursery with all the babies and is a "pro". In the same breath she told me that she would love to babysit.

Well, we don't have much on our schedule today. We'll just enjoy James today- as always! :)

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Happy One Month Birthday!

James is one month old today!!! I can't believe that this month has gone by so fast! Looking back on the pictures, he really has changed a lot :)

I made a visit to my school CRMS yesterday to visit with the staff and students. James was a HUGE hit- he had many admirers. The kids were disappointed I wouldn't let them hold James, but there were really just too many of them. James did do really well with the crowd, it was a group of 70+ multicultural kids- a lot of color in that room!

I found out that I'm missing out on NBC Nightly News visiting my school on Tuesday to do a story on how we're closing the achievement gap at my school. Its pretty exciting to be recognized like that!

Oh, my solo outing with James was a success. I had no problems with the carseat or carrying his stuff. He wasn't at all fussy (except when he wanted his bottle). Actually, giving him a bottle was the best thing because that was in the middle of all those kids and I'm sure it was pretty calming for him.

Why didn't I take pictures?!!

Speaking of pictures, I added more Christmas pictures to the Christmas Sneak Peek Album and then to the Week Five album. Enjoy! We only picked ONE for our Christmas cards but I didn't include that one. You'll see that hardly any of the pictures have James with his eyes open. He wasn't the most cooperative subject! But he is pretty darn cute!!!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

First solo outing

Today I'm taking James to CRMS to visit my other kids (and the staff)! I don't want to attempt going out to dinner with them (honor roll celebration) but I agreed to come and visit for half an hour or so. I'm nervous about taking James out by myself (I've never maneuvered the carseat into the base or carried it) and then about the cold. Also, will he cry a lot? Will I have a fussy baby?

I'd better get moving this morning. I want to give James a bath after his next feeding at 10:30 so that he's a beautiful, clean baby :)

I don't think I have any other James news. I did take 100+ pictures yesterday for our Christmas cards. I put a couple more teaser pics in the Baby Album. My plan is to use one or more for Christmas cards. I know the Grandmas are probably wanting to see all of the pictures but I'm going to torture them a little by holding out :)

Off I go!

Monday, December 4, 2006

It snowed!


It snowed and I tried to show it to James but he wasn't interested. He hasn't been as interested in his bottle either so I don't know what to think. I think he had a growth spurt last week (explaining his P-I-G ways) and now its over. He doesn't seem to be as hungry or desperate for food. We're also thinking that maybe we're overfeeding him, mistaking his cries for hunger too often. We're quick to give him a bottle and maybe we should try other distractions first. I do love a chubby baby though!

Please see the Baby Album "Christmas Sneak Peek" for some new pictures. I'm taking pictures for our Christmas cards. These are not the best pics- you'll have to wait for those!

Also, there is a new short video. This is how James lets us know he is awake, needs a diaper change, or is hungry. This video was taken at 8am this morning. Good morning Sunshine!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Some changes

So we've had some changes! James is now drinking formula. We've noticed some changes in his mood- he seems to be calmer. And he's sleeping well and immediately after his feeding- no fuss. I hope I don't jinx ourselves by writing this :) Jim and I were up every 2 1/2 hours still, but the feedings seem to be faster and easier. Oh, and another not so pleasant change- uh, the poopy diapers. They smell now. TMI?

We had a visitor this last week and I didn't mention it or take a picture. What was I thinking?! My friend Anna came over to see Baby James and she did NOT take him :) She had told me that he was so cute she'd steal him. I'll have to snap some pictures next time.

And we have great news! Tia Kristina is coming to visit over Christmas!!!!!!! I'm so excited for James to meet his Auntie (Tia). Kristina's husband, Gilbert (Tio), is overseas and she's able to leave her work for a while. This will be the first Christmas in a long, long time that the three sisters will be together. I'm beyond thrilled. (And can you imagine my Mom's happiness?!?!!)

Today's plans: Jim is at his Great Aunt's this morning to set up her computer/internet. I'm on Mom duty for the morning but James is napping so maybe I'll get something done from my to-do list. Later, the only thing planned is a nap (for me) and a bath for James.

Picture: I only seem to remember to take pictures when James is peaceful and sleeping. Here is a picture from this morning (Sunday).

Guestbook: Let us know you were here! Sign our guestbook with a message for James. :)

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Oh what a night

Early A.M.
Jim and I are much too tired to write an entry today. We will be catching up on our sleep all day today so there won't be anything worth blogging about :)

James had some sleep issues last night and early this morning. I think I've been up since his 1am feeding, but partly because I'm having some other issues too. The milk supply situation is not going well. I am in pain!! I think we might be going to formula very soon.

James is wide awake and says hello!

Oh what a night

Early A.M.
Jim and I are much too tired to write an entry today. We will be catching up on our sleep all day today so there won't be anything worth blogging about :)

James had some sleep issues last night and early this morning. I think I've been up since his 1am feeding, but partly because I'm having some other issues too. The milk supply situation is not going well. I am in pain!! I think we might be going to formula very soon.

James is wide awake and says hello!

Friday, December 1, 2006


I am officially a Mom. James spit/vomited on me twice last night. I was in my third shirt of the night when Jim came home from pool. I tried feeding James at 9pm but he wouldn't fall asleep and seemed to have some stomach issues. Finally we put him in our room until his 11:30pm feeding because he wanted his pacifier. I had him next to our bed so I could keep replacing it.

After that, it was back to normal. He feeds really well. At night, by keeping the lights dim and interaction to a minimum, he's able to fall asleep immediately after his diaper change and feeding. He's still up every 2 1/2 hours though. Jim got up at 3am (as I was finishing his 2:30 feeding) because he couldn't sleep. Poor Jim ended up staying up and he took over the next feeding. I was able to sleep four hours straight! I got up at 7am to relieve Jim again.

I think Jim is downstairs in the basement napping.

I was going to take James on some errands but now I don't feel up to it. I haven't ventured out with him (alone) yet and I need to practice. I hope to become a pro this weekend :)

New pics: Grandma Julie made James a knit hat! Tia Ana gave knitting lessons and this is her first project. She did real good! :) See pics in Baby Album "James-Week Four"