Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We miss Dada!

It's hard keeping James entertained all by myself, but James is literally bouncing around the house and filling any quiet moments with his boyish chatter and play.

I don't remember what he was pointing to here but he was funny. He was so excited about something. Probably the TV :(

Yup, lots of bouncing and climbing. And now a moment of rest. We started watching a new TV show, one that they were hyping up so much in the last month and it finally premiered on the Nick Jr channel- Umizoomi. James just calls it "UmZoom".

James had his first fudgesicle. He loved it. I didn't love the mess, but I did ask him to sit on the chair, at least keeping it kinda contained. Next time a big paper towel or dishtowel on his lap, I think!

He really, really enjoyed it! I do too!

I went out to get the mail and had my camera in my pocket. My regular camera with the flash. The flash caught a few snowflakes coming down. It was a beautiful night.

Come home soon, Dada (aka Jiminy!)!

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