Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Better Day

If you read yesterday's post, our first day of the year was a little trying. James wasn't in the best of moods for the day, and it was too bad that it was out in public! I think I'm over the (mock) shame of having THAT child that cries, pouts, whines, and then has to be carried away. Ugh! It wasn't my favorite moment with James.

Today we had a sweet moment in his bedroom, as we were playing. Originally we had planned to go to a movie or do something like that but with the weather being so FREAKING COLD (-15 degrees), we decided to stay home.

James read to me. Okay, really, he probably has the book memorized. He even reads it the way that I read it to him, with all the emphasis on certain words. It was very cute!

We didn't spend the entire day in our pajamas, but darn near. We also watched some TV, played with his remote control car, "cooked" and ate our pretend food, baked pretend cookies, chased each other around with the Wild claw, played a Dora video game, asked Dada lots of questions, sang Puff the Magic Dragon, and peeled oranges for a snack. What a day!

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