Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby James

Yeah, I know he's not a baby anymore. He'll always be my baby though. Just some random pictures and things.

Here James is getting a ride from his Dada. He loved this. Poor Jim!

I call this picture "School is cool!" This is how I found James when I picked him up from daycare on Tuesday afternoon. He was happily coloring and chatting with his dear friends.

I thought this survey was pretty funny. The teacher Raina told me that they like to write down exactly what the kids say. Yes, James has marbles but we don't play with them... ? I like Shane's answer the best!

James dragged me over to the wall to look at the cool snowmen. His is the bottom right snowman. I suspect it will make its way home to us soon.

I wasn't feeling well on Tuesday. I think its a stomach flu like thing. James wanted to pretend he was a "baby" and drink his bottle. I was glad to cuddle with him, even if I had to watch Little Einsteins too.

Do I look sick? I think so. I was not in good shape! James looks HUGE in this picture.

Jim thinks he's coming down with this too. Ugh! We'll try and not breathe on James...

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