Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday morning

My mornings are full. Today I forgot to turn on my alarm clock, oops. Without Jim at home I am rushing around (more than usual since I am NOT a morning person) to get myself dressed, James dressed, James entertained, James needs a snack- banana and milk, James wants to watch TV, my lunch packed, coffee made- very important, and then the car packed with everything. Gloves, hat, my work purse, my lunch, my coffee thermos, banana and milk usually come with us too, etc.

We appreciate Dada!

James woke up earlier than usual this morning- of course, because I had planning on washing my hair, so that didn't happen. I felt a moment of frustration but then had to laugh when I heard him giggling inside his room. I could hear that it was muffled and so I knew he was in his closet, or the "clubhouse". I grabbed my camera and this is what I found-

Blankie by his side, James had pulled all of his Dr. Seuss books off the shelf and was reading them. It was pretty cute. He was immediately forgiven for waking up too early :)

I didn't know that he liked Dr. Seuss? Well, he insisted on carrying them all downstairs to the living room, so they are waiting for us tonight. Maybe we'll have a Reading Night?

I snapped this picture of the Class Rules at daycare this morning. I wanted to remind myself that we could maybe post some of our own rules, pretty much the same as theirs I would imagine.

The "Nice Touches" have become an issue. James, when frustrated, will make a "pew pew" noise, like he's shooting! We don't know if its something he learned at daycare or Star Wars. Ooops! I did see a bunch of kids doing this when I picked James up at daycare on Monday. James and some boys had fashioned these kinda-sorta-guns out of construction toys, they looked like crude L's. They were chasing each other and making the "pew pew pew!" sounds, giggling. The teacher just rolled her eyes and laughed when I asked about it, the same reaction I had. I hate to be stereotypical, but BOYS!

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