Friday, January 22, 2010

"Bye Friends!"

I found James in the bathroom when I went to pick him up this afternoon. He was just finishing on the potty. He was about to wash his hands when Russell came over. James then got the idea that he needed a cup. So both boys giggled and started to practice spitting. Nice...! I only encouraged it because James needs to know how when he starts fluoride toothpaste. (His toddler stuff doesn't have fluoride yet. He can swallow it safely.)

Here's the series of pictures that I took of the goofy boys. Just imagine lots of giggling!

Ms. Sheana told me that Russell is like the Class Clown of the group. I just think it's lovely that James likes his friends. Whenever we leave I tell James to say "Bye Friends!" He will yell it out as we leave the classroom and it's so cute!

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