Sunday, January 17, 2010


I took these pictures at daycare last week. I forget to look at the weekly/monthly curriculum so I took these pictures to study them closer. I thought you might want to check it out too, to see how James spends his day at "school".

I think these are their daily art projects.

Oh, this is a sheet that came home with James from his Spanish class on Wednesday. It says that James circled the words that he heard in Spanish. Jim tested James himself because we just knew that James did NOT circle those himself. Much too neat of circles. But we did discover that James knew this vocab pretty well. I think its such a small class that maybe they did it one on one with him and the teacher circled them for him.

I made the mistake (kinda) of letting James look at my iPhone with me. I discovered that he really caught on to "swiping" the screen to advance the photos. So he scrolled through about one hundred pictures on my iPhone and so I quickly downloaded these cute games for James.

This first game is a matching game. I took a screenshot so you can see that he managed to find the matches in about three minutes, with little help from me!

I was really amazed by his ability to do this game. He had to drag the pieces to the "puzzle" and fit them in. After the pieces were all there, it would do a little animation and music, and he would giggle.

So now I have to hide my phone from James or he wants to play with it. I just don't want him to break it or hide it!

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