Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tia Kiki

At the risk of making my sister cry I am re-posting this blog entry from May 2007. Tia Kiki is far away and missing her familia, but she has lots of memories to remember and lots more to still come! I mean, she can't stay in Japan forever :)

I read this entry and wanted to cry! Just thinking about how time flies and how much older James is and how many milestones he's had in his three years of life. Wow. Just wow!

Dear Tia Kiki (Kristina),
My Mommy is writing this for me because I can't type yet. I'm just learning my letters.

I wanted to thank you for the best time ever! I'll have lots of fun memories:

Remember when...

you sang me the elefante song?

you offered my Mommy the "2 for 1" deal?

you would greet me with "Good morning, Handsome!"?

you grabbed my chubby thighs and called them porkchops?

and then you grabbed my tummy and called it applesauce?

you played the butt drums?

you sang the Baby Croki songs to me?

you helped me with my sore gums and "toofers" (teeth)?

you tickled me and made me scream with laughter?

you introduced me to my first cats?

you took me shopping and bought me my Polo outfit and drum?

you taught me how to roll over and crawl (still trying this, Tia!)?

And there's probably lots of other things that my Mommy can't remember!

Well, I will miss you. I know you'll always be there for me and loving me from wherever you are. I hope you come to visit me whenever you can and I'll be waiting with many, many kisses!

Oh, Tia, get on my Mommy to send you a video soon. I know you'll want to see me crawling and take credit! And those top teeth are going to pop out any day now!

Te amo, Tia Kiki!
James "Handsome" Landon Tauer

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