Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Elmo Show

On Sunday we had a fabulous day planned! We had brunch at Restaurant Cru (really good) and then we headed to the big city for what we told James was "the Elmo show". All week he's been looking forward to it! Unfortunately, it was at the same time as the big Vikings game but Jim insisted he wanted to go. He couldn't miss it. He did peek at the game before the Elmo show, here he is with James looking into the NBA bar and its TVs.

James and I went to our seats while Jim watched the game a little. We were there plenty early and got this view of a near empty stage and theater. James, when he saw the stage, said, "Mama, what is THAT?!"

We had incredible seats. We were to the side of the stage, on the floor, about four rows back. We were near the aisle so the characters were walking and running up and down the stage and its stairs, right by us!

James was entertained for half an hour with popcorn. Sweet popcorn!

This is James' first reaction to the characters and show. I wonder if it was overwhelming?

The stage looks much farther in this shot, but here's what we saw first.


Yay! This show is great!!

James sat on our laps every once in a while.

The entire show was about using your imagination. Here, James followed the directions and closed his eyes to imagine visiting a jungle (or something).

I bought James two souvenirs. The first was this Elmo spinning toy. It lit up and it was the toy that James picked out. I think it was a perfect souvenir. Lots of kids had them.

Jim is asking James if he likes the show.

The second souvenir was one of these balloons. During intermission the balloon guy came out with a huge huge handful of these balloons. I just automatically went up and bought one. I brought it back to James and he held it for a minute and then became terrified of it. I don't know why! So we put it on the other side of me and let James calm down.

The balloons were very popular too. I think every parent felt obligated to buy one! Even though they were $10! I felt bad for the kids and the parents who accidentally let go of their balloons. James watched them go "way up high!" and laughed. Yeah, not really funny :) I quickly tied ours to my purse handle.

James later told us that his favorite part was the Elmo's World part. It was just like the TV show.

Jim kept track of his Vikings game. Handy iPhone!

It was such a wonderful time! We're now thinking of taking James to the circus because it went so well!

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