Tuesday, January 5, 2010


James and I were on our own tonight, Jim went back to his pool schedule. We had a really quiet night of watching TV (unavoidable) but my back was feeling better so we played with his remote control car, drew pictures of pumpkins and Warehouse Mouse. Yeah, TV related. On the Imagination Movers they were moving a giant pumpkin and the little Mouse character was scrambling around and doing something something. I don't even know. But James got an itch to act it out and I encouraged the drawing, so drawing it was.

The bedtime routine was uneventful. Actually I can't remember any whining or crying tonight. So glad. I hope its over. There was a little bit of bargaining and convincing to get on the potty, and then again to read only two books, but I'm the Mama and "because I said so" wasn't actually said but I understood where that phrase comes from now!

Bathtime scribbles. Bathtime is suddenly fun when there are soap crayons...

and washcloths..

Love the smile!

James didn't want to leave the bathtub until the walls were clean, so who am I to argue with that?!

New pajamas are cool!

Please send your positive energy, thoughts, prayers, whatever you'd like to my Grandpa Ruben Gutierrez.

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