Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trains and stuff

We met Grandma Rosie at Choo Choo Bob's in St.Paul. She sure was ready to play! James greeted her with a huge hug and "Happy Birthday!" since we haven't seen her since her last birthday. (James talked about birthdays and parties the whole way to the train store. He sure does love a birthday!)

James was fascinated with the electric trains. He kinda threw a fit that he couldn't touch them or climb up to follow them. Eventually he figured out that he could only watch.

Grandma Rosie loves her James!

Grandma taught him some new Spanish words like tren (train), cerrado (closed), abierto (open). The salesgirl was listening to us with interest and told us that she was remembering her high school Spanish. Ha.

James was showing me "all this" is trains!

I like even the smushed face kisses that James gives me!

Grandma bought James a very cute set of train letters, that spell out J-A-M-E-S!

I hope Grandma didn't mind the all organic, homemade restaurant that I suggested for brunch. We went to Trotter's, which was right around the corner from Bob's. We all had great pancakes, fresh fruit, a scone, and coffee for the ladies. All organic and fresh!

And THEN we went to Sweets for cupcakes to go. I bought a White Russian and Peanut Butter Cup for Jim, and a Triple chocolate mini for me.

Later, we tried the Wii again. This time we had a Dora game for James to try. He caught on that moving the remote to the side would move Dora and pushing a button would make her jump. Hey, its better than boxing!

I like this belly hanging out picture :)

It was a fun day. Thank you to Grandma Rosie for lots of play time and good memories :) We can't wait to see you in two weeks again!

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