Friday, January 22, 2010

Jim, the Baker

We are dieting. Well, I think I am more than Jim. I fell off the wagon over the weekend so I started the South Beach Diet, phase one on Wednesday. Yeah, Wednesday. It was hard to start on Monday because of MLK Day and the inevitable diet fail at Old Country Buffet. And then on Tuesday we didn't have the right groceries in the house and I was feeling SICK. So on Wednesday we started. No carbs, no fruit, no alcohol! Ugh!! Its only for a week. You just HAVE TO have carbs in your diet, they just need to be whole grain or healthy. I'm also a firm believer that you need to treat yourself once in a great while. My treats will hopefully be small and not very often. I just don't think you need to deprive yourself of ANYTHING. That's not a lifestyle, that's setting yourself up for a possible failure.

Before the South Beach I was just watching my portions, slowing down my carbs, and counting calories. I lost five pounds that way but now I'm only down to three. I think a person's weight just naturally fluctuates. And then that ice cream cone with James on Tuesday night probably didn't help :) (Funny- he totally busted me. He told Jim the next day that he had an ice cream cone... Mama too! Its not like I was hiding it. I did feel some shame when it was announced though!)

Well, anyway. Its going well. I was ridiculously hungry on Wednesday. I was snacking. I was doing everything right. I think my portions are smaller, which is good, and I just was feeling that. I drank lots of tea that day, more water than usual, and had healthy snacks. Twelve almonds just doesn't seem like much when you're STARVING.

Last night's dinner: Grilled chicken breasts with Asian grilling paste (Target brand, surprisingly low fat/calories and full of natural stuff- nothing I couldn't pronounce!) and sauted vegetables (red onions, asparagus, squash, zucchini, bell pepper). Yum.

For dessert Jim made cookies! Yup! Jim bakes too. He has his special South Beach cookies that have always helped with our sweet tooth(s). They are made with just natural peanut butter, Splenda, and one egg! They are crumbly and delicious. I even think so and I HATE Splenda.

What's all this diet stuff doing on James' blog? Well, we are doing this for him. His Mama and Dada will be healthy and around for a long ass time!

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