Saturday, January 9, 2010

Visit to Eagle's Nest - by guest blogger Dada

Today I took James along with grandma Laura and uncle Joe, to visit the Eagle's Nest indoor playpark in New Brighton. Lisa and I had been here before several times with James, but I think the last time was last winter - so there was a lot more James could do this time.

Closely guarding his bouncy ball.

We're way up high!

Joe and Grandma take a break.

James (surprisingly) went down this huge curly slide. I was looking for him at the top, and before I knew it, he magically appeared at the bottom!

As James would say, "We had a great day!" Grandma took us all out for lunch at Bunker's Grill afterwards. It was kind of weird because nobody was in the place, but it was quiet and we got a good lunch in before naptime. Now off to watch some playoff football!!


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