Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is here!

It was gorgeous outside on Sunday! We came home from the Eagle's Nest, ate lunch, and then headed outside. The plan was to NOT nap and wear out James so he would adjust to the daylight savings change and sleep through the night okay.

Hopscotch was first up.

I spy neighbor kids.

Yup, they're across the street. They're bigger than me. I can't play in the street yet or ride a bike. I guess I'll just throw rocks instead.

I CAN ride a bike! Okay, I can't pedal yet but I'll learn soon enough.

Tee-ball! I'm so good at it! I can hit the ball really far.

Oooh a friend! Drake from across the street just came over and started playing. He is five years old and NOT shy.

Daddy came home from grocery shopping and pushed me on the bike. I like to play with Daddy.

James is calling us Mommy and Daddy now. Most of the time. It's very cute.

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