Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Dentist appointment

Maybe chocolate chip filled pancakes were not the best breakfast plan right before going to the dentist but I know my little guy and he ate them right up! He has really loved the pancake balls.

I switched dentists in the fall and I had asked about James and when he should come in. Three is actually a great age to start visiting the dentist. They said it's great practice to sit in the dentist chair and get used to someone looking at their teeth. They also said to not expect miracles, that sometimes preschoolers don't cooperate. So we went not really thinking we'd stay too long.

James sat in the chair and within a minute did start crying. I ended up sitting in the dental chair with James on my lap. The dentist came in (I don't think I even caught her name in the rush) and started speaking calmly to James about how she wanted to count his teeth and then look at his teeth with her tool. She did get James to open his mouth wide and she got her gloved hand in there, to feel his teeth and his bite (how his teeth bite together, not that he bit her hand!) He stopped cooperating at that point but it was a great effort.

He earned a new toothbrush and he was excited to pick the color. Green!

He also got a sticker from the basket. I think it was a Transformers sticker.

We headed to Maple Grove after that for lunch and some shopping. We ate at Granite City Brewery. We have ended the lunch bag. We've always traveled with a "lunch bag" of back-up foods for James. We decided today that he would eat entirely from the menu. Well, we wanted him to think that. I did sneak a pudding in my purse :) He did eat the carrot sticks and ranch dressing, munched on some of Dada's waffle fries, drank plenty of milk from a cup with a straw, and had one bite of chicken.

After that we went to Borders to look for Star Wars books. James constantly wants Jim's fancy Star Wars books and we're afraid he'll rip them, so we want some kid-friendly ones. They did have some Learn-to-Read SW books, and I got them, but they're a little mature for him. I don't think he understands all the words and they're not simple story lines but he likes the characters and he always likes when we read to him. He'll grow into them, I guess.

We have more fun for tomorrow- bowling!! I called ahead and they have toddler shoes, lightweight balls, bumpers for the bowling lane, and a ramp that we can use for James. He places the ball on the ramp and it will roll down and into the bowling lane. What fun! Look for pictures tomorrow or soon after.

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