Monday, March 15, 2010

More Spring Fun!

I know it looks like he's riding his bike, but he's really just rolling down the driveway. He loves it though and I catch him before he rides into the street. We've told James that he needs a helmet like the other kids before he can ride in the street. I really don't see him letting us put a helmet on his head for a while still!

Daddy joined us after he finished the dinner dishes. He was smart and brought out the soccer ball! James' teachers told me that he was so happy today, running up and down the lawn at daycare with the soccer ball. He continued that at home.

I got out there too, playing soccer, but I'm behind the camera in these shots. A lot of the neighbor kids and their parents were outside, but they all seemed older than James. James was happy to play with us for now, but I think we'll need to find some kids his age for the summer.

Here's hoping that James sleeps until his usual 6am, at least. This morning, with the time change, he was up waaaaay too early at 5am. I did manage to get him to sleep with us for another 45 minutes but it was a little restless and crowded!

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