Monday, March 15, 2010

Bakkos and the Eagle Nest

We met my friend Katy and her beautiful kids at the Eagle's Nest playground in New Brighton. James always loves going there, so I hoped we would have a really good time and he would play well with Esme and Owen. Esme is three too, and Owen is a very old six years old :)

James saw this climbing wall and gave it a try.

He always loves the ball pit.

At one point James flew into the maze of tunnels, slides, and obstacles. I sat down with Katy to relax and talk. I could see James up in the tunnels and I knew he was fine. He did leave my sight and all of a sudden I could hear a kid crying in the distance and "Mommy! Mommy!" I recognized that cry! I ran around the playground trying to find him but I couldn't see him. Finally we spotted him, stuck way up high, in the maze of tunnels. I tried to scramble up to the top, as fast as I could. I made it all the way to the top but then couldn't find my way to the area that James was at. It was so confusing! I started to get frustrated. I think Owen, smaller and faster, made it to James and helped him down a slide- the fast way down. I then had to scramble down and meet him, crying and clutching me.

He did venture back up, with Owen's help. Owen was so good with James! He seems like the best big brother. He and Esme are buddies, I didn't see Owen without Esme by his side the whole time we were there. Esme, that cute little girl, is so fearless. I think it's because she has a big brother watching her back!

James going down the slide.

Owen helped James go down the first few times.

Watch the difference between my mellow little boy and the Bakko kids :) Esme and Owen were pretending to luge a bit later. I didn't get that on video, but it was really funny!

Owen and Esme were so fast and energetic, I don't think I caught one picture of them. I caught several blurs :)

James and I left after just an hour or so but we hope to see the Bakkos again soon! I think James would really open up after a little more time.

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