Monday, March 15, 2010

Grandma Laura joins the fun

The Star Wars fun! Grandma Laura came over for dinner on Sunday and James enjoyed some great play time with her. He showed her the Star Wars books and Grandma played and was silly with him. It's such a great sound, James' laughter!

I'm so glad to get some good shots of James and his Grandma!

I really like this one! The sunlight was really bright behind them but you can sure see the fun.

For dinner we had Mozzarella stuffed turkey meatloaf, homemade macaroni and cheese, and salad. James refused it all :(

After dinner we headed outside again. We are so thrilled to have the warmer weather and the chance to do something other than watch TV! I mean, we play with toys and do other things than TV, but it's hard.

James WANTED to rake. We didn't make him :)

All of a sudden he stopped raking and wanted to hug his Daddy. And then he ran back to raking.

There was also more tee ball.

This first hit wasn't his best, but watch the second hit! He is really good!

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