Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday morning

James was ready to go at 6am. I swear I can set an alarm clock by this kid!

We played quietly while Daddy slept in. It was his turn!

James is blowing me (and you!) a kiss!


Brownie needed a seatbelt.

The video below shows James and hockey. A hockey game was on TV so James was reminded of his hockey stick and puck. We had to go looking for it and then he played a very enthusiastic game by himself.

Grandma Rosie came over to babysit for the evening while Jim and I went out to furniture shop and also for dinner. We left and James was reading to Grandma. He sure does love his Star Wars books. He even has parts memorized! He chats about stormtroopers, blasters, R2D2, and Anakin Skywalker. I think it's Jim's dream come true- a mini Star Wars geek!

Thank you Grandma Rosie for taking such great care of your James!

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