Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring get here fast!

When I picked up James they were hogpiling Ms. Jamie. James greeted me with his usual, "Mommy!!!" and he threw himself into my arms. I feel so loved in those moments :)

We've been taking James outside a lot more because it's been warm. On this day we underestimated how cold it was. We had James in his winter coat but we didn't bring his gloves and hat. Dumb. Well, he wouldn't have worn them anyway but we could have insisted. It was pretty cold but James still played well and didn't want to leave.

It was a cold, sunny day.

I guess we don't have to worry about James being too shy. There was another little boy at the playground with his Dad and older brother. James was playing on the same equipment, noticed him, and soon enough they were chasing each other around the playground. They ended up climbing up on this car together. James insisted it was a "spaceship" and they were going "high in the sky!"
I hope that we find many, many new friends this summer to play with.

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